What three weeks in Japan taught me about public transit signage

Shinkansen (“bullet”) trains at Odawara station

Large signs in multiple languages

Shinkansen sign at Odawara station
A platform sign in Ueno-hirokoji station in Tokyo showing the name of the station in five writing systems.
Tokyo subway in-car above-door digital display alternating between Japanese and English/romanization

Walking and queuing signs

Station numbers and platform guides

Sign for Tokyo’s Yurikamome line’s Daiba station
A platform sign on Tokyo’s Yurikamome line
Sign on the wall at Jimbocho station in Tokyo. Jimbocho is a bookstore district.

Time to arrival

In-car digital display showing time to arrival for the next two stops

Exit numbers

Exit sign at Odawara station
An overhead sign in the Osaka subway system indicating that Exit 5 is to the left and Exits 6 through 9 are to the right.
Two subway station maps showing exit numbers.

Train car numbers and boarding/exiting hints

Display above the door inside a train car on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line when train is pulling into Tawaramachi station.
Above-door display in the Osaka subway system

Final thoughts



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