We went solar and here are the real numbers

Solar power produced on our first full day of production, a sunny summer day except for some clouds in the afternoon that you can see in the chart as a bite in our solar energy production.

The Benefits

Renewable energy

Solar panel array diagram from our Enphase monitoring system dashboard. The front of the house is at the top left.
Each day is roughly centered around solar noon.

Lower energy bills

Net metering

Utility bill showing what we took from and sent back to the grid
Solar panel data for the same time period

The SREC market

The Costs


Our solar panels are mounted on ballasts to avoid potential structural issues with the roof, which is commonly done for rowhouses. Photo courtesy of our installation crew.


  • Maintenance for the panels themselves and its monitoring components.
  • Higher maintenance costs for the roof, if the panels (or possibly worse, the ballasts holding the panels) have to be temporarily removed for better access to the roof. Our installer said that temporarily removing all of the panels would cost in the ballpark of $1,500 (they gave a real number but I forgot what it was and haven’t needed to know yet).


Will it pay for itself?




Civic hacker/entrepreneur. Changing democracy. Changing myself. f/stop. https://razor.occams.info

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Joshua Tauberer

Joshua Tauberer

Civic hacker/entrepreneur. Changing democracy. Changing myself. f/stop. https://razor.occams.info

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